TIS – Tourism Innovation Summit 2022, Phocuswright and
PhocusWire signed a partnership agreement to drive
innovation in the tourism industry

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Phocuswright and PhocusWire join forces with TIS2022 to show their
commitment to the digital transformation of industry companies

Madrid, 21 July 2022.- TIS – Tourism Innovation Summit 2022, the leading
technological event in innovation for professionals in the tourism sector; Phocuswright,
the leading travel, tourism and hotel market research organization; and PhocusWire,
the digital platform that reports on technology and distribution in the travel and hospitality
sector, have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of weaving synergies and
driving innovation in the industry.
TIS – Tourism Innovation Summit 2022 will take place in Seville from 2 to 4 November.
In its latest editions has brought together more than 5,000 international congress
participants with the aim of showcasing innovations and technological solutions to
transform tourism destinations and companies, and more than 400 speakers who have
participated in the Tourism Innovation Global Summit, the reference conference in the
tourism sector organised within the framework of TIS.
Phocuswright will hold a keynote speech, showcasing research on innovation and global
travel trends.
Phocuswright will also sponsor an innovation award. The winner will be invited to present
their breakthrough innovation on the stage of The Phocuswright Conference which will
take place 14 to 17 November in Phoenix Arizona. This agreement highlights
Phocuswright and PhocusWire’s commitment to the forum’s main goals in digital
transformation of tourism companies, the acceleration of their sustainable objectives and
the promotion of a more inclusive sector.
For Silvia Avilés, director of TIS – Tourism Innovation Summit 2022, this collaboration
agreement means “a mutual benefit to better understand the travel, tourism and
hospitality market, and to analyze in more detail current trends and those to be
developed in the near future”. Avilés adds that “the use of data in the company is going
from being an added value to a requirement to make the right decisions, so this business
is key to becoming a leading corporation that knows its target and the ecosystem where
it wants to act”.
For his part, Pete Comeau, Managing Director of Phocuswright, has stated that “TIS is
a perfect forum to present critical data and analysis on technology and innovation in
travel and tourism. We are excited to partner with TIS and share strategic insights and
inspire smart thinking at this important industry event.”