Myanmar to attract more tourists from China, Japan, and South Korea

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The government of Myanmar is hoping to increase the numbers of tourists from China, Japan, and South Korea respectively. This is based on the introduction of special visa allowances to people from these markets. This change aims to increase the number of people aware of this change and take the chance to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this nation – and the rich legacy of Buddhism and culture based on the unique traits of Myanmar.

Also, Myanmar hopes to attract foreign investment by granting tax-free incentives in certain areas. Equally important, foreign nationals will be able to invest up to thirty percent on respective local companies. Hence, on August 1, new visa rules await nationals from China, Japan, and South Korea respectively. On top of this, the new Companies law aimed at boosting the economy will start on the same day.

This bodes well for Myanmar and the same applies to tourists and investors in a nation that promises so much. At the same time, the legacy of Buddhism and the highly developed region of Northeast Asia are twin forces that will provide ample opportunities for all involved.

While Asian tourism is predicted to grow by approximately 25 percent, the opposite can be said for Western tourism that is forecast to fall by roughly 20 percent over the next two years. This reality is overwhelmingly based on the international media agenda that ignores the reality of Bengali Muslim migration that is altering the landscape of parts of Assam (India), Chittagong Hill Tracts (Bangladesh), Rakhine (Myanmar), and other parts of India. 

Overall, the path to democracy is ongoing in Myanmar and the same applies to this nation reaching out throughout Asia and further afield. Meanwhile, on the economic and tourist front, the leaders of this nation seek to open up the country to both important channels. Hence, the richness of culture, the legacy of Buddhism, amazing architecture, eco-tourism, the dynamics of so many different ethnic groups, and the stunning reality of nature all equates to a unique nation that promises so much to tourists and investors alike.