CM Malaga 2024

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I participated in the recent edition of CM Malaga, an international conference focused on technology in the museum sector. The schedule included a diverse range of presentations on culture, museum technology, and the growing trend of integrating AI and virtual experiences to engage both on-site and digital visitors, with the goal of enhancing the overall visitor experience. I observed the clear connection with the cultural tourism industry, which aims to attract visitors interested in exploring and experiencing local attractions that make a destination intriguing and draw those eager to witness them.

Among the fascinating exhibitors on the main floor, a few stood out for enhancing visits with Augmented Reality. By wearing goggles, visitors could be transported back in time to envision what a place may have looked like or witness recreations of activities that might have occurred in an otherwise empty space.

In general, most travelers and museum visitors are increasingly open to using QR codes for self-guided audio tours, and soon we may witness visitors enhancing their experiences with VR headsets when visiting main sqaures, castles, art exhibits and other cultural sites. The future is extiting and destination marketers need to incorporate this technology more to the regular visitor.

This event showcased the exciting future ahead and the limitless possibilities for integrating technology to enrich the visitor experience.

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