Alabriga Hotel & Home Suites

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As a Luxury Travel Designer, I was impressed with the elegance and exclusivity of this lovely property. Ideal to make happy the most demanding client. Alabrigas’s prime location in this iconic part of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine waking up to the lull of waves or stepping onto your private balcony to soak in the panorama. The beach area, perched on rocky bluffs, offers a serene escape. It’s the kind of place where time slows down, and you find yourself lost in the horizon. From the moment you arrive, Alaric whispers sophistication.

The melted gold theme is felt through the property, casting a warm glow. Art is woven into every corner—sculptures, paintings, and installations. It’s like staying in a living gallery. And those elegant dresses and jewelry displays? Pure eye candy. You might just leave with a new treasure. Alaric isn’t about crowds; it’s about curated moments. Lounge areas beckon—a mix of tasteful decor and plush seating. You’ll feel like you’re in a friend’s opulent living room. And yes, intimate ambiance is the secret sauce here.

Alabriga is about suites. One-bedroom or two-bedroom—it’s your call. Families, couples, or solo travelers seeking comfort and luxury will find their haven. These suites are very spacious. Modern amenities? Check. Elegant design? Double-check. Space to stretch out? Absolutely. Breakfast isn’t just sustenance; it’s a gentle wake-up call. Local delicacies mingle with international favorites. But the real magic happens on the terrace. Imagine sipping your coffee surrounded by lush greenery, the sea peeking through the leaves. It’s a symphony of flavors and views.

My only 4 star observation is the Spa, not up to a par for this property, but it’ll work for couple hours of water fun.

To keep in mind: There is not much traffic in the area, but look both ways before crossing the road in front of the hotel. Safety first, even in paradise. The Beach Club, accessible via an underpass, is your VIP ticket to sun-soaked bliss. Check the opening times Winter brings its own charm, but some businesses may hibernate. Plan accordingly.