A visit to El jardin del Califa, Vejer, Spain

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The Califas Garden is one of those that any traveler dream of, an idyllic place with spectacular views, rich history and a unique comfortable stay with great dining option and friendly service.

The Califa’s date back to the 10th century, with the building sitting in the heart of Vejer´s main square. This small boutique hotel offer spectacular views including nearby hills and allm the wayu to the Mediterranen.

The Califa offers a wide range of rooms, from simple doubles to luxurious suites, catering to guests of all tastes. The rooms are spread out among interwoven buildings linked by staircases and courtyards, with a characteristic Andalusian patio garden at its heart.

Staying and dining here will give you the unique opportunity to imagine what the Moors or the medieval residentes intended when they lived here, so much history … but you´ll find all the modern comforts like Air Conditioning, comfortable furniture amid an efficient staff ready to cater to your needs.

On our visit we experienced a tasteful variety of Moroccan inspired dishes. All promptly served and delicious.

In Conclusion, for the traveler looking for an experience to remember in a spectacular setting, full of history, easily accessible and beautiful views, we highly recommend this property.,

Contact us to setup a stop over here that will suit your itinerary. See more here: http://www.califavejer.com/hotels/la-casa-del-califa