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Simply twisting the bang into a spiral formation and brushing it off the forehead will help to create a blended side swept look. 0. Most children have some sort of self-comforting ritual that may involve sucking the thumb, fingers, or a pacifier, pulling or twisting their hair, or stroking or sucking a soft toy or blanket. Fate dropped him in front of the door to Deidre's exam room, a twisting of the knife in his heart. Badminton involves rapid movements, quick changes of direction, and a lot of twisting and turning. Some plants root so freely that they need only pegging down; but in most cases the arrest of the returning sap to form a callus, and ultimately young roots, must be brought about artificially, either by twisting the branch, by splitting it, by girding FIG. It was in this lofty rock-girt hollow that the gladiator Spartacus was besieged by the praetor Claudius Pulcher; he escaped by twisting ropes of vine branches and descending through unguarded fissures in the crater-rim. When the mare began pushing again, he pulled down gently, twisting the foal a little. 225+3 sentence examples: 1. You're twisting my words around! 2. You can form the curls with your hands, running small sections through your fingers and gently twisting the hair into the desired shape. He bowled left-handed, round-arm, " rather slow and twisting. Twist definition: If you twist something, you turn it to make a spiral shape, for example by turning the... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Carmen stared after him, tears burning her eyes and her stomach twisting in knots. linked by Manfredo, July 15, 2014 #3380793 Sie drehen mir das Wort im Munde herum. Volvulus is the twisting of the small or large bowel around itself (malrotation). Every part is richly decorated with flowers (including tulips ), hearts, twisting vines, and grotesque heads of humans and animals. As the story comes to a twisting peak, all is revealed about Soma's own mysterious lineage, throwing a new twist on an old story. Low back ache is often precipitated by moving, lifting objects or twisting of the waist. linked by Manfredo, July 15, 2014 #3626814 Ты искажаешь мои By the twisting of this the machine was designed to fly upward. Twisting in a sentence. She would not leave my side, twisting back to the left rein whenever she could. Example sentences with the word twisted. Twist the wire to form a circle. ), whom he presently made bishop of Durham, was shameless in his methods of twisting feudal or national law to the detriment of the taxpayer. These robes feature the right amount of topstitching to keep the robe from twisting, and the material is extremely soft. Doctor Nefarious Tropy is also defeated, throwing the Time-Twisting Machine into disarray. Loosely intertwine your pashminas by twisting them around one another. hazy horizon, a twisting slash in the flat, forested plateau. Translates into ' Tilt - Twist ' in twisting multiple somersaults and easily visible viewed from the short end of the trampoline. The game of basketball includes running, twisting, jumping, squatting, sliding and more. I had to twist Quinn's arm to get Howie back to Julie's break in. The walk began by following a track which climbed steeply up a narrow. The newspaper was accused of twisting the facts: 4. Larvae are active, that is disturbed when twisting, back, roll down, or droop silking. Later the dancers pass along criss-cross paths punctuated by stamping feet, wheeling arms and twisting torsos. "Go!" 4. dripping wet with saliva my single fang twisting round, ready to drill into the helpless animal. Continue Until Complete: Continue sectioning and twisting the hair until the entire head is complete. No stopping to switch out inks, switch out guns or clean out the guns between colors; switching between colors is as easy as twisting the next one into place. Twists and turns definition is - surprising changes. When the flower expands, the traces of twisting often disappear, but sometimes, as in Apocynaceae, they remain. GAMES BROWSE THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY WORDS AT PLAY. Examples of arm-twisting in a sentence, how to use it. Bermuda Triangle: A set of three twisting slides for single or double rider inner tubes. In the Egyptian ships the hogging trusses were plainly tensioned by twisting them together, making what is often called a Spanish windlass. I love you anyway and I've quit twisting your arm about trying to dig up the past. Since a couple is for our purposes sufficiently represented by its moment it has been proposed to substitute the name torque (or twisting effort), as free from the suggestion of any special pair of forces. From the drum of the twisting machine the spun tobacco is rolled into cylinders of various sizes. She twisted the stem of her glass. A high correlation has been found between the scaled index and helical twisting power for a range of chiral dopants. "Daddy," Destiny said as she leaned down, twisting his head around with tiny hands so he was forced to look at her face - nose to nose. Shilong a hole twisting, natural scute , Long are tired of red, brilliant. The sound made her gut twist and her chest tighten. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. "Of course it is," he said, twisting in the chair to face him. Gather a large section of hair behind one ear and twist up, across the back of the head instead of gathering all the hair at the nape of the neck and twisting up. The rhododendrons encroached ever more on the, 25. She gave him an agitated look and rolled onto her stomach, twisting her head away from him. At the centre of the room a Rubenesque woman is holding court, the light catching a twist of green at the front of her coal black hair. With elaborate gestures, she makes a pretense of twisting the inconsequential knobs. This attractive wild orchid has small white flowers twisting up the stem, with a rosette of roundish leaves at the bottom. sentence comprehension: Twisting the tongue and the brain Timothy A. Keller, Patricia A. Carpenter, and Marcel Adam Just* CenterforCognitiveBrainImaging,CarnegieMellonUniversity,Pittsburgh,PA15213,USA Accepted14 May 2002 Abstract This study used fMRI to investigate the neural basis of the tongue-twister effect in a sen-tence comprehension task. thesaurus. One of the most common injuries is ankle rollover or "twisting your ankle", so ensure that your shoes can handle the quick changes in direction inherent to tennis play. "You forgot one thing," she said, twisting at the engagement ring. Learn more. In 1856, the company acquired new twisting machines, as well as further machines. 12345 678 9 -> 15243 687 9. The material is supplied to the twisting machinery by an attendant, and formed into a cord of uniform thickness, twisted and wound on a drum by mechanism analogous to that used in rope-spinning. Leg width: Some trunks are designed to be more form-fitting than others and may be uncomfortably tight around the thighs, while others may be too baggy and prone to twisting or bubbling for individual tastes. 6. Meaning: [twɪst] n. 1. the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean 2. the act of rotating rapidly. Then his front wheel twisted violently and he knew the tire had blown a second before he hit the sand at the shoulder and felt himself twisting and rolling in the grass and sharp rocks at the edge of the roadside. clenching of the fist and the twisting of the foot were unusual symptoms not normally associated with tetanus. Avoid twisting the earring excessively, which could result in loosening the setting and creating a buildup of dirt and oil that dulls the stone. a spell of gouging and twisting Arm-twisting arm-twisting academics Eyelid twisting He felt the devil twisting his tail He kept twisting it back around to his plan. Take the two shoelaces and wrap them around each other two times in a twisting motion, then push the laces up from the bottom up again. 10. Twisting Sentences. Cheetah: A twisting wooden roller coaster that wraps around its own structure with the speed of the world's fastest cat. Twisting your wrist will cause the ball to spin in one direction or the other, so practice learning how far to twist to get the best spin. 75. she asked, twisting. Use jewel-adorned bobby fins for a dressy look.Alternative: Instead of twisting your hair, wind it around into a low bun, securing it at the nape with a large, dramatic clip. view recents . The key is found in the twisting of the paper, as it creates a softness that hard creases deny. This results in the floor being cut up with deep grooves, just right for twisting ankles or braking legs. 8. 0. 29. You have to twist the lid off, not pull it. Every part is richly decorated with flowers (including tulips), hearts, twisting vines, and grotesque heads of humans and animals. Everyone's cup of tea these twisting, turning tea cups will really have you in a spin. Her body continued its momentum down the hill and she fell, twisting so that she wouldn't fall on the kid. Twist sentence examples. Twist your hip more when you hit with the left. Manual Handling includes lifting, twisting, bending and awkward body postures. twisting meaning: 1. having a lot of turns or changes of direction: 2. the act of persuading a client to replace…. 30. 35. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus Recent Examples on the Web Little arm-twisting may be needed to keep sponsors on board. Josh was instantly beside her, grabbing her arm and twisting her to face him. Mythology: Hydra The constellation Hydra resembles a twisting snake, and features as such in some ancient myths. SAVED WORDS dictionary. Nylon and vinyl are popular choices because they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and while they are sturdy, they are not overly rigid and can withstand some minor twisting and contortions. If a 2-fold or 3-fold yarn is needed, then two or more ends of the spun thread are wound together and afterwards conveyed to the twisting frame for the purpose of putting the needed twist in the yarn necessary for weaving or other requirements. For example, in a twisting fall, a ski that fails to release is putting added pressure on the knee. It is important to realize that the occasional or infrequent twisting, pulling, or chewing of hair in a child does not constitute trichotillomania and does not require medical attention. They are particularly helpful when smoothing out a multiple-piled thread or to keep a silk or ribbon thread from twisting. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "TWISTING THE KNIFE" - english-indonesian translations and search engine for english translations. Remove the paint chamber by twisting it counterclockwise. Too much force will twist the key. Jessi roused herself enough to twist in his arms so she could see his face. She threw herself down to avoid the second, sent another knife in its direction to distract it, and leapt up, dancing and twisting through the lightning streams. I couldn't make a single project in this book, but I couldn't resist giving it a mention for those who are skilled at twisting and turning wire into works of art. However, hand or wrist twisting can reduce legibility and writing fluency. He took a second dagger and jammed it into the lock of her fetters, twisting with a meaty hand. Twisting in a sentence up(1) down(0) Sentence count:225+3Posted:2017-06-13Updated:2017-06-13. Lace was originally made by hand by looping, braiding or twisting threads to create an open-holed fabric. The old motels capitalized on regional pride and kitsch, cheerfully. Does the phrase "twisting slowly in the wind" ring any bells? Now, do a slow-motion pedaling movement with your feet while simultaneously lifting your left shoulder and twisting your torso so that your left elbow makes contact with your right knee. Spinning and twisting are as highly developed as the weaving industry. 0. His chosen instrument, a clerical lawyer named Ranuif Flambard (q.v. She sat twisting her hands in an agony of misery. 8. Make a six-sided star shape by twisting three white pipe cleaners together in the center. Twisting it round and round he gets a large drop of the fluid to adhere to the dipper; still twisting it round to prevent it falling he brings the drop over the flame of the lamp, and twirling it round and round he roasts it; all this is done with acquired dexterity. 99. 20. If your hard hat has ratchet suspension, you'll be able to make a hat that is slightly too big fit snugly by twisting the knob at the nape of the neck. use the kicker to control the leach of the main from twisting too much. She complied and he examined her ankle, twisting it until she winced. You can dance longer before your feet start to swell and you don't have to worry about twisting an ankle. Her hands began to twist the handles of the bag Duodenal atresia can occur with other conditions such as a narrowing of the duodenal lumen (duodenal stenosis) or twisting of the duodenum around itself (duodenal volvulus). This sentence is original and was not derived from translation. he demanded, twisting to see the team's scout. Here are many translated example sentences containing "BY TWISTING" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. Testicular torsion is the twisting of a testis (testicle) such that the spermatic cord becomes twisted, cutting off blood flow to the testis. When she glanced at him, he was eyeing her, a wry smile twisting his lips. Sentences Menu. 3. ". You control your paddle by not only moving it up, down, left, and right, but also by twisting the remote to turn the paddle to give the ball an angle. The cigar is then rolled in the hand to consolidate the tobacco and bring it into proper shape, after which it is wrapped in the outer cover, a shaped piece made to enclose the whole in a spiral manner, beginning at the thick end of the cigar and working down to the pointed end, where it is dexterously finished by twisting to a fine point between the fingers. The primary offence of the ex-chancellor was the taking of bribes, which no twisting of the law could convert into a capital offence, while the charge of treason had not been substantiated. 6. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. I don't need magic to twist you up in knots. . Brain imaging of tongue-twister sentence comprehension: Twisting the tongue and the brain Extend the left arm vertically upward, gently twisting the spine and trunk counterclockwise, keeping the spine parallel to the ground. She was still twisting about in pain: 5. Keeping your body in the side plank position, slowly and steadily sweep your right arm down in front of your body, then reach it under your left side, twisting your torso so your chest faces down toward the floor. All Rights Reserved. Malrotation or coiling of the duodenum can also obstruct the duodenum, sometimes accompanied by volvulus, a twisting of the duodenum around itself. The twisting is most marked at the tip and posterior margin, particularly that half of the posterior margin next the tip. The revolving hooks are turned either by hand or by a small motor, twisting the yarns together to form a strand. And if he's worth your time, the first thing you ought to do is share with him the note you just sent us (if you can't verbalize it without twisting everything into knots). Need to translate "BY TWISTING" from english and use correctly in a sentence? After she felt herself deserted by Princes Mary and alone in her grief, Natasha spent most of the time in her room by herself, sitting huddled up feet and all in the corner of the sofa, tearing and twisting something with her slender nervous fingers and gazing intently and fixedly at whatever her eyes chanced to fall on. Begin a twisting motion towards the rear of the head. The gory, dust-stained, half-shaven head with its long neck trailed twisting along the ground. Spanish Translation of “twisting” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. 2. Give the cap another twist?it's not on properly. She turned her face away, twisting free of his arms. Romantic chateaux and castles overlook the river's. Translations in context of "TWISTING THE KNIFE" in english-indonesian. 34) advises to bend the stalk downward and cover with earth; seeding, he observes, may be prevented by twisting the stalk. Although the figure-of-8 represents with considerable fidelity the twisting of the wing upon its axis during extension and flexion, when the insect is playing its wings before an object, or still better when it is artificially fixed, it is otherwise when the down stroke is added and the insect is fairly on the wing and progressing rapidly. Try twisting your wet hair into single twists, similar to candy curls. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Black and White Pearl Ring: With two contrasting pearl colors and a gently twisting band, this ring is a classy yet out-of-the-ordinary style. He buried her against his body in a bear hug, twisting around the steering wheel. They saw a mass of tough green vines all matted together and writhing and twisting around like a nest of great snakes. Here the loop has moved around - twisting with the twister if you like - giving it the appearance of a knotted rope... . Active yesterday. Since they are so heavy, garage doors work on torsion springs which work by twisting. Stevie Crawford, with 10 goals in 13 games to his credit, bustled energetically, twisting and turning the Morton defenders repeatedly. "How do you know that?" Sentence with the word Twisting. Here are some examples. Twisting the facts and distorting my record and telling outright lies, 2. Examples of twisting in a Sentence. Ernest commands attention, furiously twisting a soaked beer mat into rhombic shapes. Continue the twisting motion by twisting your entire torso to the left side, attempting to touch the medicine ball to the floor on your left. She tried to twist away from him. Dictionary ... wheel twisted violently and he knew the tire had blown a second before he hit the sand at the shoulder and felt himself twisting and rolling in the grass and sharp rocks at the edge of the roadside. The calcareous tube worm Serpula vermicularis forms twisting masses of tubes on the shell occupied by the hermit crab. In the Egyptian ships the hogging trusses were plainly tensioned by twisting them together, making what is often called a Spanish Windlass. The writer also uses descriptive language: ' I watch my gloved hand twisting the doorknob. Raging Bull: This twisting, turning roller coaster stands 202 feet tall and reaches speeds of 73 miles per hour. This rumor, like many others, began by what Mentwabe Dawit, Zahara's birth mother, claims was a complete twisting of her words. If you want to work the internal and external oblique muscles that run diagonally across your torso, you need to focus on twisting exercises that engage this portion of your abdominals. Dystonia-sustained muscle contractions, often causing twisting or repetitive movements and abnormal postures. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. There are two sets of diagonal muscles called obliques that criss-cross one another, and work by twisting the torso. Lay the first tile down, pressing and twisting it a little to set it into the mortar. She frowned and pulled away, twisting to see the three bodies. Everything presses onwhilst thou art twisting that lock,see! I didn't say that! he cried, twisting the reins round his hands, and the troyka tore down the Nikitski Boulevard. 1 \$\begingroup\$ Rules. Similar to the regular crunches, this one focuses on a twisting motion where you try to touch your left knee with your right elbow and vice versa. Perform two or three sets of 10 to 15 full repetitions (twisting to the right and left is a single repetition). You can tone and tighten your abs without doing a single crunch - cardio kickboxing moves will have your torso twisting and turning, as well as using your abs for balance. Looking for sentences with "twisting and turning"? You'll run the risk of pulling out the wire (if you have an underwire bra), twisting the material, or shrinking the bra overall so it doesn't fit like it should. Boys may have a swollen scrotum, which in rare cases, can lead to twisting of the testis (testicular torsion). Twisting of any portion of the intestines may cut off the supply of blood to a loop of bowel (strangulation), reducing the flow of oxygen to bowel tissue (ischemia) and leading to tissue death (gangrene). Susan intuited that the Dream was evolving fast, recasting its inhabitants. A number of newspapers have jumped on a sentence or two in the report to try to twist it into a condemnation of the administration's policy. Everyone 's cup of tea these twisting, turning tea cups will really have you in a spin. This begets a twisting diagonal movement of the wing on its long axis, which, but for the elasticity referred to, would break the wing into fragments. The club struck the ball and rock violently, twisting Woods'arm and injuring his wrist and neck. Arm-twisting and the brute use of patronage power were not the secret of the byrd machine's success . 3. Hello, GAMES BROWSE THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY WORDS AT PLAY SETTINGS. Sentence Examples. Laurence Sterne. From the widespreading roots string and ropes are manufactured in Lapland and Bothnia: the longer ones which run near the surface are selected, split through, and then boiled for some hours in a ley of wood-ashes and salt, which, dissolving out the resin, loosens the fibres and renders them easily separable, and ready for twisting into cordage. writhe can also cause involuntary twisting or writhing movements of the limbs or face called dyskinesias. Repeated twisting, awkward postures, and heavy lifting can all c Consider braiding or twisting the hair and you pull it back to secure it to add a bohemian or romantic touch. We're just twisting in the other direction ." twisting wood in a sentence - Use "twisting wood" in a sentence 1. 37. 4. Twisting: Twist the bottom half of your body to one side, back to center and then to the other side while keeping your shoulders and chest straight. One type of mechanical obstruction is caused by the bowel twisting on itself (volvulus) or telescoping into itself (intussusception). So, she figured out how to open the door by twisting the door knob. AM: Does the phrase "twisting slowly in the wind" ring any bells. "Jule, what's wrong with him?" A snake was twisting around his arm. The same races who were found making thread by the laborious process of twisting with the hand, would hardly have disused, if they had ever possessed, so simple a labour-saving device as the spindle, which consists merely of a small stick weighted at one end; the spindle may, accordingly, be regarded as an instrument invented somewhere between the lowest and highest savage levels (Tylor, Early Hist. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. Beyond this range the sand and clay loess formation spreads downwards like a tumbled sea, hiding within the folds of its many-crested hills the twisting course of the Kushk and its tributaries. The repeated twisting and untwisting, especially when the upper part of the awn has become fixed in the earth or caught in surrounding vegetation, drives the point deeper and deeper into the ground. Twisting or curving the arches so they are off center and the inner band can still be seen. twisting machine in a sentence - Use "twisting machine" in a sentence 1. Twisting it round and round he gets a large drop of the fluid to adhere to the dipper; still twisting it round to prevent it falling he brings the drop over the flame of the lamp, and twirling it round and round he roasts it; all this is done with acquired dexterity. More Twisting Quotes. 2. it took some twisting, but I finally got the top off the jar. 1 being the label ps, The superior division or lum, here inferior the labellum, which may by the twisting become inferior by the of the ovary. Window in wall opens into twisting trench which soon rejoins stream in high passage lowering to shingle chokes upstream. linked by duran, January 17, 2014 #3380791 Du drehst mir das Wort im Munde herum. It was the perfect hair for twisting up, styling into braids, piling into a more dramatic style. If the supporting member is a floor beam or girder the girder should be rigidly connected to the floor system to prevent any twisting due to the weight of the projection. You're not fully twisting your wrist when you punch with the right hand. The 1928 National Collegiate Athletic Association rulebook noted, " Attention is called to the fact that if the double wristlock is brought up to a twisting hammerlock, it becomes an illegal hold and must be stopped by the Referee . she demanded, twisting in the newest direction of his voice. into the ground and the whole frameworkconsisting of posts, beams, rafters, door-posts and window-frames was tied together with cords made by twisting the long fibrous stems of climbing plants. Twisting in the saddle, she soaked in the scene behind them. They do not represent the opinions of The external rotators are strengthened by holding the elbow in the waist whilst twisting the hand out to the side. He moved toward her, his lips twisting into a sardonic smile. Examples of twisting in a sentence: 1. added by CK, January 1, 2014 #2991800 Sözlerimi çarpıtıyorsun. Twisting or curving of the spine and bowed legs may be corrected to some degree by surgical treatment or the wearing of a special brace. 5. 72. The old peasant is twisting pieces of straw into a rope. The increase of the visceral dome, its spiral twisting, and the gradual closure of the space overhung by the mantle-skirt so as to v / FIG. SINCE 1828. It's a short motion, so don't start twisting your body or moving the elbow out of place just to raise the dumbbell too high. 25 examples: In 1617 the need for more urgent repairs became apparent and the vestry… Release knee over the opposite leg, twisting so that the knee rested on or near the floor over the opposite knee. The words twisted her heart into a ball. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. revolving hooks are turned either by hand or by a small motor, twisting the yarns together to form a strand. 40. How to use untwist in a sentence. The program should receive a string/array of words as input. Usually feathers look best under a few strands of hair, so use a clippie to pin the top few layers back and work with a small section, twisting several strands together and put them through the hook. The two cross-linked helices are always right-handed, twisting in the same direction as a normal screw. 3. Testicular torsion-A condition involving the twisting of the spermatic cord inside the testicle that shuts off its blood supply and can seriously damage the testicle. For each word in the string/array, it will reconstruct the word by taking characters in alternating fashion from the front and back of the word. The larger stones having been removed by hand, gyratory motion is given to the pan by a combination of shaking and twisting movements so as to keep its contents suspended in the stream of water, which carries away the bulk of the lighter material, leaving the heavy minerals, together with any gold which may have been present. The first of these, The Twisting of the Rope, was produced in the Gaiety theatre, Dublin, in 1901, the author himself acting the principal role. Romantic chateaux and castles overlook the river's twisting course: 7. Seated Spinal Twist - Beginners continue to deepen twisting poses as skill level increases. nut twisting rolling/spinning/turning/twisting/rotating a hat they were twisting lazily and spitting This sentence is tongue twisting (I can not say it smoothly/naturally) Twisting a circularly magnetized wire produces longitudinal magnetization. Secure the wire by twisting it around the tree branch and pulling the skirt down over the wire and the top of the branch. I thought she was just standing there, 27.

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