goat breeds in kenya

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In Kenya, goat milk production costs less than cow’s milk. Why rural farmers are embracing Galla goat … However, it has played an important part in the development of the Kenya Dual Purpose Goat. Dairy goat farming, though a serious enterprise in some countries, is still not commercialised in Kenya. The introduction of the exotic goat breeds in the country has been of great impact to the industry. Agribusiness | Dairy goat farming is increasingly gaining popularity particularly in the high potential areas where land for dairy cows is diminishing. #SheepandGoat www.Farmers.co.ke is the site for authoritative multimedia agricultural and agribusiness content. There are some meat breeds which cycle all year, meaning a Cashmere doe with these genetics may do the same. Read about Profitable goat farming in Kenya. The domestic goat or simply goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) is a subspecies of C. aegagrus domesticated from the wild goat of Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.The goat is a member of the animal family Bovidae and the subfamily Caprinae, meaning it is closely related to the sheep.There are over 300 distinct breeds of goat. Common meat goat breeds in Kenya are; boer, mato and black Bengal. A goat breed that's commonly used within Bangladesh to bring a lot of value to the impoverished people through its meat, milk, and hide production. The Boer goat is a breed of goat that was developed in South Africa in the early 1900s for meat production. The mating of two different type breeds of animals is called crossbreeding. It has also been found to be better foundation stock than SEA for breeding 75% Toggenburgs in the Mwingi project of FARM- Africa Kenya. Breaking Kenya News. After a successful and quick herd reduction, we are now waiting on our new goat babies from our most favorite, remaining goat moms. This means they mate only for part of the year, normally from August-December. They have the ability to provide you with milk, meat and fiber depending on the breed you choose. Dairy Goat Breeds: Nubian. Cell Phone: 0728899767/ 0786204400. Photo, East Africa Galla Goat Breeders Association. Galla goats can grow up to six feet long and they are hardy and productive. When you are starting out in goat farming venture, it is advisable to visit the dairy goat association of Kenya to learn more about the different breeds of milk. The three important breeds are Saanen, Alpines and Toggenburg. ... Why dairy goats? And their skin is very popular and valuable in the international market. P.O. Goat Breeds Dutch Landrace Goat Breed Profile Information Here is the information of Dutch Landrace Goat. Next to chickens, goats are the most common animal added to a small or urban homestead. In fact, the meat and milk that comes from this breed is among the most nutritious of all the goat breeds. It is the only national body dealing with livestock registration and milk recording in Kenya. Some three farmers from Nyando in Western Kenya in 2015 ditched traditional goats rearing for galla goats breed that mature into adults and attain market weight at around six months, half-a-year sooner than the local breeds hence they preferable for quick cash. If you are purchasing a baby goat… Anglo-nubian Anglo-nubian goat. Their milk potential is 40-50 Litres of milk daily. The smaller land sizes cannot support dairy cattle, making the dairy goat a better option. Other goat breeds kept in Kenya are Toggenburg, Oberhasi, Galla, Small East African Goat and Boer. Skin Productive Goat Breeds: This type of goats produce high quality skin. If you are raising goats for meat, you may have trouble deciding which breeds are best. If you are considering goat rearing for meat, look for meat goat breeds in Kenya that are highly productive and produce good quality meat. Dairy goats are improved breeds bred for milk They are very different from local breeds and produce more milk – up to 12 times more! The Guernsey goat breed is the smallest of medium-sized dairy goats. Beef Goat Breeds to Rear in Kenya. In this article, we look at four dairy goat breeds that do well in Kenya. Black Bengal; Mato; Boer; Benefits of Livestock Rearing in Kenya. new baby goats are on the way! Landline: 020-2064018. The South African Boer Goat is widely recognized to be the yardstick against which meat producing goats across the world are measured. For instance, dairy goat farming in Kenya has seen the exploitation of the Toggenburg breed which is known for its high milk production. However, this accessibility has also created some poorly bred animals that are not as productive as the high quality breed standard. Goat meat goes for around Ksh 400 while cow meat goes for Ksh 300. Goats multiply They can kid twice a year and often produce twins or triplets. Interested in learning more about dairy goat breeds? Half an acre of napier grass is needed to feed one dairy cow, while the same can feed 5 dairy goats. Goat Farming in Kenya: Kenya is a beautiful place for raising goats for meat and milk. The Anglo-Nubian goat is a large goat with a Roman nose and pendulous ears that hang low and close to the head. They’re the preferred choice for dairy farming in Kenya highlands. Although there are many breeds of dairy goats in Kenya, only three are the most common and therefore important. • goats use small doses of drugs - cheap and easy to maintain; • good for people who do not have a lot of money to start with; and • goats make very good manure. Box 23070-00604, Lower Kabete, Nairobi, Kenya. Earlier goat characterization research work revealed that within-breed selection for milk production among the indigenous goat breed in Kenya was unlikely to lead to significant genetic Your choice of dairy goat breed will by and large depend on your locality because each breed is suited to certain climatic conditions. Most farmers keep Alpines and Toggenburgs mainly for milk. Dairy goats have also excellent demand in Kenya. breeds and the exotic dairy breeds the most comprehensive being the breeding programme of USAID sponsored Small Ruminants Collaborative Research Support (SR-CRSP). Among many other products, this group of animals are known for their highly nutritious milk. Boer goats have a high resistance to disease and adapt well to hot, dry semi deserts. Rearing Dairy Goats in Kenya. are highly baby productive goat breeds. This makes the breed easily accessible for dairy goat breeders. Black Bengal, Katjang etc. The Kenya Livestock Breeders Association (KLBA) is an independent farmers body formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeding and improvement. The Nubian is the most commonly raised dairy goat breed in the United States. Fresian Breed The Friesian cows have a large body that weighs between 500-550kgs with black and white coat design. Goat Breeds for Meat. As we raise the kids on the moms, you can pick your goat kid out ahead of time and reserve, but won’t be able to pick up and take home until weaning time at the age of 3 months. Meat Goat breeds in Kenya. Boer goats. Apart from … A Cashmere doe will cycle about every 18-21 days during this time until she is bred. They are heavy feeders eating 90-110 kg fresh forage per day or … The Galla goat is not indigenous to Uganda, but originally comes from Kenya’s Northeast coast. 4 Popular Goat Breeds that will make your dairy goat farm successful. Home NEWS Why rural farmers are embracing Galla goat as a source of income. They generally produce 3.16 kg of milk that is 3.72% fat. Here are the top 5 dairy goats for small homesteads! There are three main type in Kenya Alpine, Toggenburg and Saanen meat and wool, or meat and milk). Keeping dairy goats in Kenya is a profitable venture if all the requirements are taken into consideration. Translate. Most goats are seasonal breeders. Kids Productive Goat Breeds: This type of goats produce numerous baby goats per kidding. Saturday, 2 January 2021. Dairy goat farming is becoming one of the promising venture in Kenya, following the animals’ instinct to adapt well in the tropics. However, a majority of the current commercial breeds have been developed with specialization to one primary product in mind e.g., milk or dairy. Some goat breeds are dual purpose (e.g. You can start a goat farming in Kenya with low investment. Selling meat. If you have 50 goats, you can make over Ksh 500,000 within a few months. The Kenya Dual Purpose goat ( please link to Dual Purpose breeds above) Crossbreeding (for more information go to cattle - breeds and breeding ) Crossbreeding refers to the crossing or mating of two pure breeds, but the term is frequently extended to include the … Anglo-Nubian goats are most often black, red, or tan. Goat milk brings more income per litre than cow’s milk. While any goat breed can be raised for meat, specific types are bred specifically for the virtues most important for producing edible meat. There are plenty of grazing land and nature. Black Bengal, Maradi etc. For example, most meat goat species are bred to mature quickly and put on weight, with little emphasis on producing milk. Farmers across Kenya will from next year access high-quality goat breeds that yield up to eight litres of milk a day. - These dairy goats are normally mated to local goats to get a goat that is “A better milk producer than the local goats but which are easier to raise than the pure dairy types. It is not legal to import Golden Guernsey goats into the United States. Graduate Farmer Send an email April 6, 2017. A dairy goat production handbook for farmers Source FARM Africa Keywords Goats, animal production, animals, Kenya, diary Country of first practice Kenya ID 6939 and 2010

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