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Search for free among 300,000 tours in every destination around the world! The walking tour takes you to sites where Oswald grew up as well as locations he frequented leading up to the assassination. One of the most popular and one of the best ghost tours in New Orleans is the Witches Brew Tours French Quarter, Cemetery and Voodoo Tour. We have hunted for more ghosts in America than any other tour company and will tell you stories that you can't hear anywhere else! My favourite tour has to go to their 2-Hour Haunted Cemetery and City Tour at Night. I would love to go on any of those ghost tours, they sound like alot of fun. If you’re not a believer in the underworld or even an afterlife, but you like a … Step into the realm of ghosts in Jackson Square and Congo Square, and try not to feel queasy at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum where a mad doctor once performed unthinkable experiments. There is only one way to find out! Nola Ghost Riders Night Cemetery and Ghost Bus Tour will bring you to several different cemeteries and tell you spooky tales alongside paranormal equipment such as EMF readers and dowsing rods. This tour covers a lot … Locally owned and operated. Operated by: Dive headfirst into the mysterious past of New Orleans on this 2-hour evening walking tour. Tourists enjoy a … Dare to tread in the footsteps of voodoo queens in dark cemeteries and admire the beauty of mansions that hide an unsavory past on the best New Orleans ghost tours in town. The guides are a ton of fun and are able to lighten the mood if you are feeling a bit too creeped out! One of the best ghost tours in New Orleans has to go to the New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tour company. See the French Quarter in a different light on this 2-hour New Orleans ghost tour. Drinks are available to purchase. One of the best things about taking a tour with Alexander Addams? The 7 pm tour begins at the New Orleans Jazz Museum and combines chilling true crime accounts with exploration of the city’s little-visited backstreets. Explore the bustling streets of New Orleans at your own pace on this 2.5-hour fully personalized private walking tour. Book in advance so you don’t miss out because tours will book up fast! Walk to get a delicious hurricane to take with you? We love entertaining you and it shows. The guides are knowledgable, helpful and will often give you information about some hidden gems around New Orleans that you should check out. If you are looking for a ghost tour that is filled with tales about ghosts, vampires or want to visit one of New Orleans beautiful above-ground cemeteries be sure to take of the best ghost tours in New Orleans. I also like the way they say Nawlins. Locations for … Plus, you will get to drink one of New Orlean’s incredible cocktails inside of a haunted church! If cemeteries aren’t your thing, check out Nola Ghost Riders Drunken History Walking Tour. Want to take a tour through New Orleans cemeteries at night? The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. One simple walk around New Orleans will reveal places such as vampire and occult shops. Explore the heart of the haunted French Quarter on foot or by bike, and discover tales of sinister vampires, vengeful witches, and troubled ghosts. So, you can double fist your hurricane or share one with a friend. Explore New Orleans’ "Cities of the Dead: on the only ghost tour offering cemetery access after dark. There is nowhere better to learn about the remarkable past of this intriguing city than in its many cemeteries. Haunted History Tours is loved by locals and tourists alike. Led by a master storyteller, this is one of the best New Orleans ghost tours in the city. New Orleans Tourism New Orleans Hotels New Orleans Holiday Rentals New Orleans Holiday Packages Flights to New Orleans New Orleans Attractions New Orleans Travel Forum New Orleans Photos New Orleans Map New Orleans Guide. TourScanner is the world’s largest website to search for tours & travel activities. Stroll alongside the rows of elaborate tombs, learning about the unique burial rituals that make the local culture so intriguing. Hear chilling tales of the city's paranormal activity on one of these guided tours. The Hotel Monteleone. Be horrified at tales of an abusive slave owner who still haunts LaLaurie Mansion, and discover the bloody story of the most infamous vampire in New Orleans. 1 Guided Tour. The tour covers about a mile so comfortable shoes are advised. Tour groups are limited (1-4 or 5-8 guests of the same family – no mixed groups). The journey begins … The 5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Evening Tour takes you around the French Quarter in a leisurely two-hour walk that brings you stories about ghosts, vampires and occult in the French Quarter. Ghost City Tours is New Orleans' #1 Group Ghost Tour Company. As you walk through the old streets of the haunted French Quarter you will not be alone. With a local guide, you'll trot around the streets of the French Quarter hearing true historical stories that give life to spirits in the city. Enter multiple cemeteries if you dare and listen to spine-tingling real-life stories about the residents of these eerie graveyards. Book here: New Orleans: 5 in 1 Ghost & Mystery Evening Tour. Ghost City Tours of New Orleans was a blast! Uncover the secrets of New Orleans’ oldest and most famous graveyard on an... New Orleans Vampire Walking Tour. Haunted History Tours is rated the number 1 tour company in New Orleans! Find out more information that will help you decide! This tour is a great way to experience the highlights of the city … Breathe in the powerful scent of voodoo shop herbs and discover why this mysterious religion is often misunderstood by outside society. Therefore, there is no theatrics (like people dressed up like drunken pirates). Best History: New Orleans City Tour: Katrina, Garden District, French Quarter. The guided tour takes place in the alleys and streets of the most haunted part of the city, stopping at various locations where the guide recounts some of the grizzliest events of yore, and how they ultimately led to the area becoming haunted. Compare photos, rates, and availability and save up to 30% today! The informative tour guides will tell you about the unique burial rituals and practices in each cemetery – giving you real history about the people who now reside in the city of the dead. Crystal travels to dark history sites, dark tourism sites and historic places around the world. All of the tour guides are stellar but I absolutely loved the way Mike was able to turn the local lore and eerie history into magical stories that will keep you captivated. Haunted History Tours. The best New Orleans ghost tours celebrate the fascinating splendor of the city’s ghostly tradition while still separating fact from fiction. Embrace the goose bumps as you trundle through the French Quarter by carriage on this 1-hour evening ghost tour. Today we are going ghost hunting!! Take photos of the Gardette-LaPrete Mansion where a beautiful exterior hides a grizzly past of murder and intrigue. They have been awarded “Best of New Orleans” by various travel agencies including Trip Advisor and National Geographic. They do an amazing French Quarter Ghost Tour, a Haunted Pub Crawl, or a Voodoo & Cemetery Tour. Myths and legends will be discovered around every corner, with torture chambers, pirates, and haunted hotels being the stars of the show. If you want to experience a ghost tour but are a little bit too scared to go on a ghost tour, the theatrical nature of the Haunted History Tours is right up your alley. The best ghost tour from Nawlins is hands down the Drunk History Tour. See if you can capture paranormal activity in your photos as you snap shots of the eeriest locations in New Orleans. 4-In-1 Ghost, Voodoo, Vampire, And Witchcraft Tour This highly-rated tour is more like three tours in one! Any questions you have about the history of the site or the story will be answered. Modern True Crime Stories. You will learn about New Orleans Voodoo history, explore an above-ground cemetery at night! Operated by: New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tour. New Orleans Ghost Adventures Tours takes you to real haunted locations that have been explored by real ghost hunters. The tour takes you on an adventure where you delve deep into the gruesome dark history behind some of New Orlean’s most famous and horrific murderers. Keep your eyes peeled for the man who jumps off a building each night, and the pirate who sits beside the roaring fire at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans and had close ties with the mafia. Travel is by bus, departing from the French Quarter and alighting at several cemeteries along the way for in-depth exploration. Night Tours in New Orleans New Orleans Ghost, Voodoo & Vampire Walking Tour. ), The number of guests per tour is very limited (as you are on a bus), Tour groups are limited to a 50% capacity. This 2-hour traditional New Orleans ghost tour takes in the best, and most haunted, sites in the city’s spooky French Quarter. If you are interested in one of their other tours, they also offer a St. Louis No. You can listen to the spine-tingling ghost stories completely surrounded by above-ground crypts and tombs. They also do a tour about the Ghosts, Vampires, Voodoo & French Quarter and also offer an Adults-Only Sinister Ghosts & Vampires Tour! They also offer a tour about Mafia, Sex and All That Jazz as well as a St. Louis No. Find 20 or more of the best Ghost Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana all in one place. Crystal wants to inspire you to move to Scotland. Required fields are marked *. Operated by: Hottest Hell Tours – Adults Only. The guides are historians, so they know their stuff and are really good at creating a spooky atmosphere through their storytelling. See if your guide can pick up creepy signals using dowsing rods and electromagnetic field meters. Stop at creepy premises like Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, and the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, before learning about the first North American vampires at the Old Ursuline Convent Museum. Pull on your investigator’s hat and do some sleuthing into the chilling urban legends of New Orleans. [ View & Book Tickets .] Your qualified guide will focus on history rather than theatrics, so you can be sure the tour will be about facts and not just fiction. New Orleans. If you like dark history and entering into a world of corruption you will love this tour. Recently reviewed as “Not Your Ordinary Cheap Thrill” – the French Quarter Phantoms Ghosts & Vampires Walking Tour is not to be missed. This company hosts various tours in New Orleans, including ghost, cemetery, music and Garden District tours as well. During Ghost City Tours' Ghosts of New Orleans Tour, guides lead... French Quarter Phantoms – Ghost and Vampire Walking Tour. Crystal is a history fan with a fondness for dark history. They pride themselves on visiting real haunted locations documented by real ghost hunters! As you have seen, there are many ghost tours in New Orleans. Enjoy a narrated walking tour of the spookiest corners of New Orleans on this 1.5-hour day tour. 1 Cemetery is still closed they will take you on a modified version of the 3 in 1 tour. Ry found a ghost tour groupon while in Nola and we decided it would be something cool to check out. You’ll get to hear about vampire lore and the ghosts that still linger in the dark corners of New Orleans streets. The ghost tour guides are incredible storytellers and offer you the real history on spooky and haunted sites around New Orleans. This 90-minute guided New Orleans ghost tour combines the mysteries of voodoo with the rituals of death to paint a vivid picture of the links between the living and the dead. Haunted History Tours is loved by locals and tourists alike. Admire the macabre architecture of the mausoleums and pay your respects to the voodoo queen Marie Laveau while learning about the ancient and unusual burial methods still performed here. … You will learn about the horrors behind Madame LaLaurie and tales from Katrina Cannibal’s murder-suicide and many more crimes from as far back as the 1800s. If you are looking for a historically accurate tour full of New Orleans history, look no further than the New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tour. What was essentially a private tour with Michael Bill was a blast! New Orleans Ghost Tour. Want more haunted history? You get to drink your way through the dark side of New Orleans with stories about traditional burial rituals, above-ground vaults, ghosts that still roam the streets and how pirates helped make New Orleans what it is today. While most haunted history tours stay in the bustling French Quarter, this one takes you into the silent, shadowy realms of some of the city’s oldest and most haunted graveyards. See infamous sights like the LaLaurie Mansion, May Bailey’s Brothel, and the Sultan’s Palace, where one of the most gruesome mass murders of all-time took place in the 1800s. What an awesome, and well put together list… bookmarking this one! He will dive deep into New Orlean’s haunted history and tell you many stories that other tours never mention. We offer a Group Discount of 15% for groups of 12 or more. Find out why the occult is such an important part of life here in North America’s most haunted city, and keep an eye out for supernatural goings-on. 1 Walking Tour. Children of all ages will love hearing about creepy secrets and supernatural mysteries in the streets of the atmospheric French Quarter. © Copyright 2021 TourScanner | All rights reserved. Drinks are not included in the price but you stop in several bars along the route so you can refill often! If you're looking for the average walking tour, then move along. On the 8 pm tour you will have the VIP option of using handheld projectors to bring macabre archive images out into the neighborhoods of New Orleans. Hop back on your bike and ride down Royal Street, before heading to the Tremé and Marigny neighborhoods for sinister tales of menace and murder. Visit the dimly lit Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, home to one of the oldest bars in the city, with plenty of hair-raising secrets to divulge. Whether you are looking for a tour about Legends, Folklore, Superstitions & Spells to a Haunted Excursion Walking Tour to a 2-Hour Paranormal Investigation Tour – Nawlins Theatrical Tours has it all! New Orleans Ghost, Voodoo & Vampire Walking Tour. Crystal moved from Canada to Scotland. Join us for the best walking tours New Orleans has to offer. For Groups of 30 or more we even offer payment plans if you book your Ghost Tour far enough in advance. Watch out for vampires too, you never know when you might bump into one. Admire the architecture of Creole houses in the French Quarter, and at the cemetery find out about above-ground burying traditions in the city. Are you ready to hear haunting sounds from the afterlife? He is friendly and highly informed on the history of NOLA. The tour ventures off into one of the most haunted places in New Orleans – Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar. TourScanner to compare all ghost tours in New Orleans. Uncover terrible secrets that have been hidden for centuries, including a high society madame who was also a serial killer. If St. Louis No. Royal Carriages is the oldest and best New Orleans tour company in New Orleans, and the History & Haunts Night Tour is the best Haunted tour in New Orleans. The tour is spooky, but not too scary. You will get to hear the sordid tales about the Mad Butcher! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter for more! Lee Harvey Oswald is the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Book here: New Orleans Ghosts & Vampires Walking Tour. Your email address will not be published. You will learn about the difference between vampire legends and the truth of what really happened. Experience everything New Orleans has to offer! He will tell you which horror stories are true and which have been fabricated into myths. Enjoy a bit of free roaming time to explore the house during the 2-hour experience and try psychic communication sessions in haunted rooms like the nursery and attic. He only tells you the best stories filled with violence that stirs up intense emotions and tops it off with hilariously gruesome anecdotes. Learn about Marie Laveau, a voodoo queen with the power to alter the course of history, and see Muriel’s Restaurant where séances are still being held today. Trust Nightly Spirits to be your host for the best New Orleans ghost tour, as we are the nation’s largest ghost tour company in America with tours in more than 14 cities. With over 20 years of excellence under our belts, we provide the best haunted tours in New Orleans. You can bring your own drinks on the tour for a little courage in the face of the terrifying truths you are about to encounter. Come face to face with tales of the “Mistress of Death” and take advantage of a drinks stop to help calm the nerves. Next time you are in New Orleans, schedule one of these tours! Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention during these spine-chilling New Orleans ghost tours. Check out some of the city’s most haunted locations and enjoy stories about spirits, vampires, and voodoo along the way. Enjoy a New Orleans tour by going on a New Orleans ghost tour! Discover how black magic led to the death of a voodoo queen’s husband, and visit her tomb in San Luis Cemetery where wretched souls roam amongst the gravestones. Haunted History Tours offers several different tours from a French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour, French Quarter Haunted Pub Crawl, and a Vampire Tour of the French Quarter. Take pictures of Lalaurie Mansion and potentially capture something paranormal! Ghost tours, cemetery tours, and other haunted tours of New Orleans by French Quarter Phantoms. Led by expert parapsychologists and paranormal historians, this thrilling adults-only evening ghost tour will truly send shivers down your spine. French Quarter Phantoms offers a buy one get one free at The VooDoo Lounge! Stops include LaLaurie Mansion, Muriel’s Restaurant, and the Andrew Jackson Hotel which was once a boarding school and today is home to several child ghosts who play in the courtyard. Taking a tour brings you tales from voodoo to ghosts that are presented in a more theatrical manner. Book here: Nola Ghost Riders Night Cemetery and Ghost Bus Tour. Pedal along the banks of the Mississippi River in the dark of night to discover a different side to the city on this New Orleans cycling tour. Ghost & Vampire Tours in New Orleans St. Louis Cemetery No. Scour the sites of unsolved murders and find out which streets are the favorite haunts of vampire society. Something even cooler about the Ghosts & Vampires Walking Tour is that they have been featured on several different TV programs and channels such as The Travel Channel and The History Channel! Our tour was scheduled for 8 PM and as it turned out, my party was the only group signed up for that tour! The impressive and much-loved tour guide, Alexander Addams (I wonder if he has any relation to Morticia and Gomez?! Spooky Destination Guide – Salem Massachusetts. Enjoy a spooky and entertaining way to discover New Orleans when you book this... St. Louis Cemetery No. Unique Nola Tours has crime! They are fun and informative. If murder history isn’t your thing, check out Unique NOLA’s other tours such as the Lewd Spirits Tour (full of raunchy twisted tales!) To my personal favourite – the New Orleans: 5 in 1 Ghost & Mystery Evening Tour. Try not to gasp in horror at the grisly tales of the LaLaurie Mansion while you stand beneath its balcony and discover why so many souls seem to linger instead of moving on. Book here: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination Tour. Before the tour begins you get the pleasure of having a 2 for 1 cocktail that you can enjoy as you walk around listening to the bizarre tales. This is Ghost City Tours‘s flagship experience. Relax with a drink at a Bourbon Street rooftop bar and discover how a clan of vampires came to live at the local convent. We ultimately decide on their Ghost & … Ghost City Tours – The Ghosts of New Orleans Tour. The highlight of the walk is a haunting stroll through St. Louis No. New Orleans is infamous for its spooky past, filled with tales of voodoo, vampires, ... New Orleans French Quarter, Voodoo and Cemetery History Tour. Make no mistake; if it doesn’t say Haunted History Tours, then it isn’t the original! Naturally, it piques interest in all who visit and for that, there are guided tours to help explain the long and rich history of the occult and New Orleans. This 2 hour walking tour leads you through the old French Quarter of New Orleans. Please see my Privacy Policy for more information. Try to connect with spirits on the other side using paranormal tools and voodoo rituals as protection, to make sure the 13 documented ghosts remain on the premises. This 2-hour relaxed ghost walk is alcohol friendly so you can bring a drink with you. Top New Orleans Ghost & Vampire Tours: See reviews and photos of ghost & vampire tours in New Orleans, Louisiana on Tripadvisor. This special after-hours voodoo and ghost hunting event will transport you into a dark world of spectral encounters and unexplained occurrences. Delve into the intoxicatingly mysterious underworld of this shadowy city with a local licensed guide, and have fun stopping at several pubs along the way. You will get to learn about the spooky history of the French Quarter, Armstrong Park in Treme and visit the tomb of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. THE 10 BEST New Orleans Ghost & Vampire Tours (with Photos) - Tripadvisor. Keep your camera handy for photographing the imposing cathedral in Jackson Square, and hear about the voodoo rituals of the 1800s which were performed in Louis Armstrong Park. Stroll through the Vieux Carré (Old Square) and linger between the modern world and the mysteries of the past that lurk in the shadows. Stick close to your fellow tour participants to deter the hungry yearnings of vampires as you stroll through the sultry French Quarter of New Orleans.

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