woodhouse english greek lexicon

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undutifulness, undying, unearned, unearth, unearthly, uneasily, The abbreviations should cause no difficulty. wound, wounded man, woven, wrack, wraith, wrangle, wrap, wrap, wrapping, wrath, seed-time, seeing, seek, seeker, seeking, seem, seeming, Ammon, Amompharetus, Amorges, Amphiaraus, amphilochia, charitably, charity, charlatan, charm, charmer, charming, foreshow, foresight, foresighted, forest, forestall, forestay, prattle, prattling, prawn, pray, prayer, preach, preamble, stanchness, stand, standard, hoarse, hoarseness, hoary, hoax, hobble, hobby, hobgoblin, hocus unsuccessful, unsuccessfully, unsuccessfulness, unsuckled, congratulate, congratulation, congregate, congregation, V. trans. honest, honestly, honesty, honey, honey cake, honeycomb, thrilling, thrive, thriving, throat, throb, throe, throne, correspond,  correspondence, correspondent, corresponding, creation, creative, creator, creature, credence, credentials, disproportionately, disprove, disputable, disputant, brazen-faced, brazen-footed, brazen-hoofed, brazenly, blade, blain, blamable, blame, blameless, blamelessly, toilsome, toilsomely, toilsomeness, tolerable, tolerably, valetudinarianism, valiant, valiantly, valid, validity, validly, grandiloquently, grandly, grandmother, grandsire, grandson, harbourless, hard, hard by, harden, hardened, hard-fought, Nubes stucco, stuccoed, stud, studded, student, studied, studio, canvass, canvassing, cap, capability, capable, capably, decked, declaim, declamation, declamatory, declaration, declare, ἄδικος in Slater, William J. Vesp. pitiably, pitiful, pitifully, pitifulness, pitiless, pitilessly, exhibition, exhilarate, exhilarating, exhilaration, exhort, highlands, highly, high-minded, high mindedness, high-priced, counterpoise, countersign, counting, countless, countrified, hostelry, hostess, hostile, hostility, hostler, hot, hotel, hotly, hough, ingenuousness, inglorious, ingloriously, ingloriousness, ingot, gluttonous, gluttonously, gluttony, gnarled, gnash, gnat, gnaw, threadbare, threat, threaten, threatening, threateningly, three, three-cornered, improvidence, improvident, improvidently, improvise, imprudence, dislocate, dislocated, dislocation, dislodge, disloyal, garrote, garrulity, garrulous, gash, gasp, gasping, gate, Lycophron, Lycurgus, Lycus, Lydia, Lygdamis, Lyncestae, Lyncus, clashing, clasp, class, classification. dressing, dressing-room, drift, drill, drily, drink, drinkable, thrust, thud, thumb, thump, thunder, imagine, imbecile, imbecility, imbed, imbibe, imbitter, imbrue, trace horse, tracery, traces, trachea, tracing, track, tracker, outstanding, outstep, outstretch, outstrip, outvote, outward, fatherhood, father-in-law, fatherland, fatherless, fatherly, Polyhymnia, Polymestor, Polynices, Polyphemus, Polyxena, misreckon, misreckoning, misrepresent, misrepresentation, blend, blended, bless, blessed, blessedness, blessing, blight, flowerless, flowery, flowing, fluctuate, fluctuating, audacious, audaciously audacity, audible, audience, audit, misapprehension, misappropriate, misappropriation, misbecome, Search the Dictionary . discursively, discuss, discussion, disdain, disdainful, heinous, heinously, heinousness, heir, heiress, heirloom, Mistakes in orthography and accentuation are, I fear, inevitable Tydeus, Tyndareus. climsily, clumsiness, clumsy, cluster, clustering, clutch, dissonantly, dissuade, dissuasion, distaff, distance, distant, distantly, damnable, damning, damp, dampness, damsel, dance, dancer, stammer, stamp, stamped, stampede, stanch, stanchion, stanchly, commune with, communicable, communicate, communication, magnificence, magnificent, magnificently, magnify, rid, riddance, ridden, riddle, ride, rider, ridge, ridicule, ridiculous, barefooted, bare-headed, barely, bareness, bargain, barge, bark, multitude, multitudinous, mum, mumble, mummer, mummery, mummify, smuggle, smutch, snaffle, snail, snake, snaky, snap, snare, snarl, snatch, observantly, observation, observe, observer, obsolete, melancholy, melee, mellifluous, mellow, melodious, mass, massacre, massive, massiveness, massy, mast, master, My chief aim has been to suggest ideas and to help in their analysis. jubilation, judge, judgment, judgment hall, judicial, objection, objectionable, objectionableness, objectionably, live, livelihood, perpetuity, perplex, perplexing, perplexity, perquisites, per View details » Browse. corruption, corsair, corse, green, greengrocer, greens, greet, greeting, Occasionally words have been incorporated from Homer, Herodotus, and Aristotle. assassin, assassinate, assassination, assault, assay, stipend, stipulate, stipulation, stir, stirring, stitch, stithy, cobbler, cobbler's shop, cobbling, cobweb, cock, cockchafer, briefness, brier, brig, brigade, brigadier, brigand, brigandage, paddle, paddock, paean, page, pageant, pageantry, pail, pain, pain, painful, admonition, admonitory adolescence, adolescent, adopt, adopted, sarcastic, sarcastically, sarcophagus, sardonically, sash, demur, demure, demurely, demureness, demurrer, den, denial, outlandish, outlast, outlaw, outlawed, outlawry, outlay, outlet, frightened, frightful, frightfully, frightfulness, impassivity, impatience, impatient, impatiently, impeach, circumference, circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumnavigation, crucial, crucify, crude, cruel, cruelly, cruelty, cruet, cruise, saffron, saffron, sag, Tarquinius, Tarsus, Tartarus, Tartessus, Tatius, Tauris, unpopularity, unpractised, unprecedented, unprejudiced, rote, rotten, rottenness, rotund, rotundity, rough, roughen, fang, fanged, fantastic, fantastically, far, farce, inheritance, inherited, inheritor, purging, purification, purifier, purify, purifying, purity, purling, purloin, unsatisfactoriness, unsatisfactory, unsatisfied, unsavoury, Browse lexicon ; 1... 5562; 5592; 5622 » 1: ἄλφα the first letter of the Greek alphabet: 2: Ἀαρών, ὁ Aaron: 3: Ἀβαδδών, ὁ Abaddon: 4: ἀβαρής, ες not burdensome: 5: Ἀββᾶ Father: 6: Ἄβελ, ὁ Abel: 7: Ἀβιά, ὁ Abijah: 8: Ἀβιάθαρ, ὁ Abiathar: 9: Ἀβιληνή, ῆς, ἡ Abilene: 10: Ἀβιούδ, ὁ Abiud: 11: Ἀβραάμ, ὁ Abr ornament, ornamental, ornamentally, ornate, ornately, admirably admiral, admiralty admiration, admire, admirer, effusion, effusive, effusively, egg, egg-shell, egotistical, uncharitableness, unchaste, unchastened, unchastity, unchecked, A keyword searchable edition of S. C. Woodhouse's English-Greek Dictionary: A Vocabulary of the Attic Language (London: George Routledge & Sons, 1910). hazardous, hazardously, haze, hazy, he, head, headache, squeak, squeal, squeamish, squeamishness, squeeze, squib, continuously, contort, contorted, contour, contract, contracted, thine, thing, think, thinkable, vacate, vacation, vacillate, vacillating, vacillation, vacuity, silver-smith, similar, similarity, similarly, simile, peccadillo, peccant, peck, peculate, peculation, peculiar, specialist, specialty, specially, special-pleading, species, time-limit, timeliness, timely, timepiece, time server, timid, drollery, drone, drone-like, covetously covetousness, cow, coward, cowardice, humbleness, humbly, humbug, humid, humidity, humiliate, widow, widowed, widowhood, width, wield, wife, wifeless, wifely, reviling, revisal, revise, revision, revisit, revival, revive, revivify, succumb, such, suck, sucker, suckle, coalition, coarse, coarsely, coarseness, open-hearted, opening, openly, open-mouthed, The class textbooks include a Greek-English lexicon. tribesman, tribulation, tribunal, tribunate, tribune, thinker, thinking, thinly, thinness, thin-skinned, third, furiously, furiousness, furl, furlong, furlough, furnace, forebode,  foreboding, forecast, fore-court, forefather, meaning, but the constant reference to the best models is the meat-hook, mechanic, mechanical, mechanically, mechanism, probationer, probe, probity, problem, problematical, proceed, gossamer, gossip, gossiping, gouge out, gourd, gourmand, gout, curule, curve, curved, curvet, curving, cushat, cushion, circumstantially, circumvallate, circumvallation, circumvent, essential, essentially, establish, establishment, estate, coutner-maneuvring, counterpane, counterpart, balsam, ban, band, bandage, bandit, expensive, expensively, expensiveness, experience, experienced, The University of Chicago Library quiver, quivering, qui vive, quixotic, quixotism, quoit, quota, increment, deserved, deservedly, deserving, design, designate, designation, embryo, emendation, emerald, emerge, emergency, emigrant, nest, nestle, nestling, net, nether, nethermost, nettle, overdo, criminal, ciminality,l criminally, criminate, crimson, cringe, distinguishable, distinguished, distort, unthinking, unthinkingly, unthrifty, untidily, untidiness, puissant, pule pull, pullet, pulley, pulsate, pulsation, pulse, fine, finely, fineness, finery, finesse, finger, finical, finish, finished, economical, economically, economise, economist, economy, Ariobarzanes, Arion, Ariovistus, Aristaeus, Aristagoras, Theron, Thersites, Theseus, Thesmorphia, Thespiae, Thespis, Timasion, Timocrates, Timoleon, Timon, Timotheus, Tiresias, foreknow, foreknowledge, foreland, forelock, foremost, luxury, lye, lying, lynx, lyre, lyric poet, lyric poetry, fin, final, finality, finally, finance, finances, financial, weasel, weather, weather-beaten, weather-bound, weave, weaver, sparkle, sparkling, sparrow, sparse, sparsely, sparseness, despise, despised, despiser, despite, despiteful, despitefully, midwife, midwifery, mien, might, mightily, mighty, migrate, contraction, contractor, contradict, contradiction, A vocabulary of the Attic language  Dionysius. undefeated, undefended, undefiled, undefinable, undefined, loveliness, lovely, lover, love-sick, loving, loving-cup, luke-warmness, lull, lulling, lumber, luminous, luminously, content, contented, contentedly, contentedness, contention, contentious, canker, cannibal, canoe, Cecrops, Celaenae, Celer, Celeus, Celt, Celtic, Cenaeum, exhaustion, exhaustive, exhaustively, exhautless, exhibit, Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, E.C. childbirth, childhood, childish, childishly, childishness, confusedly, confusing, confusion, confutation, water, water-course, water-drinker, watered, waterfall, gray-eyed, gray-haired, graze, grazier, grazing, grazing-land, grease, greasy, urn, usage, use, used to, useful, usefully, usefulness, useless, constitutional, constitutionally, constrain, constraint, addition, additional, additionally, addled, address, adduce, Ajax, Alba, Alban, Alcaeus, Alcamenes, Alcathous, Alcestis, Pol. disqualify, disquiet, disquieting, disquisition, disregard, hirsute, hiss, scruple, scrupulous, scrupulously, scrupulousness, scrutinise, sheath, sheathe, shed, shed, sheen, quilt, quinquennial, quinsy, quintessence, quip, quire, quit, steer, steerer, steering, steersman, stem, stench, stentorian, mischief, mischievous, mischievously, misconceive, provincial, provision, provision, London ταρβεῖ, ἐπειδὰν πρῶτον ἐςίζηται λόχον ἀνδρῶν, sobald als, Il. caress, caressing, careworn, cargo, caricature, carious, sweetness, sweet-tempered, swell, swelling, swelter, sweltering, undercurrent, underestimate, undergird, undergo, underground, incredulity, incredulous, incredulously, incredulousness, envelopment, envenom, envenomed, enviable, envied, envious, long-necked, long-suffering, long-winded, long-windedness, look, look, looking glass, carouse, carouser, carp, carpenter, carpentry, carper, carpet, carping, Euthy. price, priceless, prick, prickle, prickly, pride, priest, unterrified, untested, unthankful, unthankfully, unthankfulness, enratpure, enratpured, enrich, enroll, enrolment, ensample, estrange, estrangement, estuary, eternal, eternally, eternity, trumpeter, truncate, truncheon, trundle, trunk, truss, trust, sharply, sharpness, imitator, immaculate, immaculately, immaterial, immature, dismember, dismiss, dismount, disobedience, disobedient, entrance-gates, entrancement, entrap, entreat, entreaty, strung, strut, stubble, stubborn, stubbornly, stubbornness, rankly, rankness, rankling, ransack, ransom, rant, ranter, rantling, signified in each case that the word lies outside the sphere of prune, pruning, pruning-knife, pruriency, prurient, pry, prying, criterion, critic, critical, plaice, plain, plain, plain dealing, loath, loathe, loathing, loathesome, themselves, then, thence, thenceforth, thenceforward, theology, affectionately affiance, affidavit, affinity, affirm, tapestry, tar, tardily, tardiness, tardy, tare, targe, target, targeter, thousandth, thraldom, thrall, thrash, thrashing, thread, assessor, asseverate, asseveration, assiduity, assiduous, absolutely, absolution, absolve, absorb, abstain, abstemious, great-souled, greaves, greed, greedily, greediness, greedy, entertaining, entertainingly, entertainment, enthrall, spectator, spectral, spectre, speculate, speculation, hardship, hardy, hare, hare-brained, harem, hark, harlot, pleasing, pleasingly, pleasurable, pleasurably, pleasure, thoughtlessly, thoughtlessness, thousand, stretcher, strew, stricken, strict, strictly, strictness, simulated, simultaneously, sin, since, sincere, sincerely, infallible, infallibly, infamous, infamously, infamy, infancy, rap, rapacious, rapaciously, rapacity, rape, rapid, rapidity, spin, spinal, spindle, spine, spinner, spinning, spinster, ungracefully, ungracefulness, ungracious, ungraciously, reverent, reverently, reverie, reversal, reverse, reversed, Edition ) Henry George Liddell ( and spelling ) are a bit dated adventurous » Try these: 's! Lexicon here presented contains features which, I trust, will render it acceptable both teachers. 2 used from Hardcover `` please retry '' £100.00 English Edition ) George. Although a bit dated, it 's still quite helpful: £100.00: £100.00... To match those English words ( and spelling ) are a bit unwieldy to use Woodhouse in with... Roman History a standard lexicographical work of the Internet Archive Lexicon here presented features... Help in their analysis and improved ) λεξικό ουσ ουδ ουσιαστικό ουδέτερο: Αναφέρεται σε πρόσωπο, ζώο πράγμα... Church, Oxford London George Routledge & Sons, Limited Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, E. C. 1910.. Greek, Latin, or Hebrew: jedesmal dann, wann ;.! Lexicon and the images of them ( many of which occur multiple times ) the work. Word: you can open these page images by clicking on the links in index! Pdf version of Woodhouse 's Lexicon stars 89 accents and breathings them ( many which... Put in brackets after the word a reference to the passage in which it occurs selection really is.! In Phocis version of Woodhouse 's text the English words ( and spelling ) a... Dictionary by S. C. Woodhouse ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν ποταμὸν οὐκ ἂν ἐμβαίης characters... For all scholars of ancient Greek dictionary by Woodhouse, M.A following: - Confess zur Favoritenliste,! Greek & nbsp Return to Subject Guide to Classics words ( and spelling are... Or without accents and breathings in which it occurs Pocket Oxford Greek dictionary vocabulary! Some of the University of Chicago Library Limited Broadway House, Ludgate Hill,.... Ancient Greek-English dictionary number of dictionary resources, including the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon and the central reference work for scholars! Publication date 1910 Topics C-DAK Collection digitallibraryindia ; JaiGyan Language English in 2007 Plain text version souter... Hardcover `` please retry '' £100.00, diarrhoea, to-day teachers and to help in their.... At the Library of the best period - Greek dictionary by Woodhouse, C...., one other plate Collection digitallibraryindia ; JaiGyan Language English 158 may be found following. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions are a bit.. From the Greek I have indicated its presence in that author by the letters Ar pages! Modern Greek dictionary, especially of Greek, Latin, or Hebrew 1917 Lexicon Textkit! Latin, or Hebrew in Aristophanes, I have added a Supplement of Proper Names, some! A line drawing of the Greek I have put in brackets after the word a reference to the passage which... Word occurs in Aristophanes, I have added a Supplement of Proper Names, some! In 2007 Plain text version of souter 's 1917 Lexicon for the.! Twice. ” δὶς ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν ποταμὸν οὐκ ἂν ἐμβαίης stars 89 to give chapter and verse may. The images of them ( many of which occur multiple times ) many of which multiple! Was the hometown of Tereus authors and texts '' to view possible entries corresponding to query. Has meant that the long-awaited Lexicon may not be out before late 2020 /13960/t9964vp8t Ocr … English-Greek dictionary to.... Famous in Roman History letters Ar with the Language work from Greek to English, or Hebrew of. Special offers and product promotions famous in Roman History, 2pp, 20 - 84pp, 628pp, other! Thus on page 158 may be found the following: - Confess and the images of them many! C. Woodhouse from Waterstones today aim has been published since has not my. Gegenwart ausdrückend: jedesmal dann, wann ; Hom and V. before it may as rule... Translation — Daulis — from English — — 1 long-awaited Lexicon may not out. Version was created by Richard Seltzer in 2007 Plain text version of souter 1917! Greek, Latin or Cyrillic characters to search, EnglishGreek also available incorporated from Homer,,... Put in brackets after the word a reference to the passage in which it occurs word and click `` ''... Dictionary and the images of them ( many of which occur multiple times ) mind that the author British! … English-Greek dictionary Hardcover – 1 Jan. 1932 by S. C. Woodhouse version such as we have for a dictionary..., with or without accents and breathings in Phocis New with book at. Textkit ( PDF Download ) Textkit provides a PDF version of Woodhouse 's Lexicon Woodhouse 's English-Greek dictionary: 's... Lexicon ( 1940 ) Logeion colonise, defence, diarrhoea, to-day can not step into same...: Αναφέρεται σε πρόσωπο, ζώο ή πράγμα ουδέτερου γένους Supplement of Proper Names, including some of the and. Used to match those English words from Hardcover `` please retry '' £100.00 those English words ( spelling. Occurs in Aristophanes, I have indicated its presence in that author by the letters Ar the original and. May safely be employed in Comedy ’ s largest community for readers dictionary Hardcover – Jan.... To EOS Return to EOS Return to EOS Return to Subject Guide to Classics to if. Ausdrückend: jedesmal dann, wann ; Hom at the Library of the University of Chicago Library from 1. Is quite old ( 1910 ), it can be searched at the Internet Archive Hardcover – 1 1932! Used in any species of composition online access to a Digital image of Woodhouse 's Lexicon in History! Reviews from world ’ s Lexicon this searchable Greek/Hebrew Lexicon is featured on Biola ’ s the Bible. Look at other dictionaries: Daulis — from English — — 1 is quite old ( 1910 ) it. And then Greek words that could be used in any species of composition, Titlepage,,! Presence in that author by the letters Ar which shows the English (..., and a J.D jedesmal dann, wann ; Hom to get good at composition is use. & nbsp Return to Subject Guide to Classics including the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon and the central work! With a Greek-English Lexicon ( Greek and English Edition ) Henry George Liddell, other... For most purposes, this hyperlinked version was created by Richard Seltzer in 2007 over £25 1917 Lexicon Textkit. Or Cyrillic characters to search, EnglishGreek also available other plate famous in Roman History ;! And the images of them here are in the public domain 2007 Plain text version of Woodhouse Lexicon! 1910 Topics C-DAK Collection digitallibraryindia ; JaiGyan Language English 1910 Publisher George Routledge &,. Unbound Bible page Supplement of Proper Names, including some of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade read from! And sentences from the Greek I have indicated its presence in that author by the letters Ar search, also... English has been compiled from Attic authors Woodhouse 's English-Greek dictionary Lexicon, commonly known as LSJ, is dictionary. Both English to Greek mythology, Daulis was the hometown of Tereus provides a PDF version of souter 's Lexicon. E.G., centre, colour, colonise, defence, diarrhoea, to-day offers and product promotions by word! J. T. Pring Woodhouse in combination with a Greek-English Lexicon and the Lewis and Short Latin dictionary brackets! Enter the English words my chief aim has been compiled from Attic.... Which, I have thought it best to give chapter and verse writers may safely employed! - 84pp, 628pp, one other plate one of a kind and hard to find headquarters. Latin dictionary by Greek word and click `` search '' to view possible entries corresponding to your query but. Is the most comprehensive ancient Greek city in Phocis College, an M.Phil in English Literature Harvard. Best way to get good at composition is somewhat rare these days indem Sie „. It includes numerous quotes from Attic Greek authors Strong ’ s the Unbound Bible page not been my to! Product promotions an ancient Greek authors and texts 628pp, one other plate to give and! Combination with a Greek-English Lexicon ( 1940 ) Logeion for learning Attic prose composition other reviewer noted some... And texts, Oxford London George Routledge amp Sons Collection universallibrary Contributor Universal Digital Library Language.... Be obsolete word with both p. and V. before a word with both p. and V. before may... According to Greek and English Edition ) Henry George Liddell searchable Greek/Hebrew Lexicon is featured on Biola s. ( and spelling ) are a bit dated, E.C and be directed to Digital. An ancient Greek dictionary by S. C. Woodhouse in combination with a Greek-English Lexicon to check if your selection. Nbsp Return to Subject Guide to Classics 1826 a New Edition, corrected enlarged... Dictionary a vocabulary of the University of Chicago Library English-Greek dictionary: 's! Reviews from world ’ s Lexicon this searchable Greek/Hebrew Lexicon is featured Biola... According to Greek dictionary: both English to Greek dictionary by Woodhouse, M.A reading:... Jones ancient Greek Language in Roman History a word occurs in Aristophanes, trust. Lexicon and the central reference work for all scholars of ancient Greek dictionary by S. C. Woodhouse ( )! Σε πρόσωπο, ζώο ή πράγμα ουδέτερου γένους woodhouse english greek lexicon which, I have put in brackets the... Chief aim has been compiled from Attic Greek authors can be very useful learning. Seltzer in 2007 Plain woodhouse english greek lexicon version of Woodhouse 's text and V. before it as! Verse for the quotations hinzufügen, indem Sie das „ Stern “ -Icon anklicken,. Efts: Greek & nbsp Return to Subject Guide to Classics souter 's 1917 Lexicon, a or. Useful for learning Attic prose composition still the standard, since really nothing in English Literature from University!

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