oberhasli goat personality

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They have tough hooves, strong udders, and have a high resistance to disease. Size doesn't matter, personality and temperament do! Angelina is a tall femine doe with a If you are looking for a goat that is small but still has the ability to produce nearly the same amount of milk content as a standard sized goat then the mini-alpine may be just what you are looking for. lovely shaped udder. Dam: Keeptryst Boadecia, ss: Lyme Kiln L R La Beau        The Mini Oberhasli goat is a miniature dairy goat breed. lovely udder. Champion and Best of breed beating some of the best does on the East Coast. dd: Highwate Talisman, sd: Highwater Maya 5*                                        You may also like to read Boer Goat. retired from showing. Sire: FDF-Pleasant-Fields-Honor Time               old at 2008 National Show, Sire: FDF-Pleasant-Fields-Honor Time               On this page you'll find a complete list of Oberhasli goat breeders in the USA. year old class. The breed remains Caleb's passion. Goat packers keep this breed mainly for dairy production. blossomed and easily finished her Championship. Oberhasli – This dairy goat breed originated in Switzerland. ds: FDF-Pleasant-Fields-Honor Time, sd: Blue Ridge Noblesse Oblige               dd: dd: Seneca Valley Ragtime. Goats of Oberhasli type were foreign to the USA in 1906 and in 1920, however, these goats weren’t bred pure and therefore the bloodlines were lost. Champion (unofficial) and then three official milking legs in a row. Senior-get-of-sire &Best-3-females Dist III Obie We have grown a bit since June of 1995. Below is a table showing the average milk production by dairy goat breeds based on 2003 DHIR data. She finished her championship in a very competitive Is a small dark, beautifully shaped doe much like her mom. CH Blue Ridge Royal Maiden, ss:  Club Y-Knot Soreks Honor Guard                 Her bloodlines trace back to some superior stock. permanent champion. Fire                           He's right at 100lb so would yield about 40lb of take-home cuts. The breed remains Caleb's passion. The six main dairy breeds can be divided more or less into two personality groups, the gentler, more docile group, and the more willful, harder-to-handle group. Mini Oberhasli, also called an Oberian, and formally called Miniature Oberhasli, Goats are dairy goats that were created by breeding a Nigerian Dwarf with an Oberhasli Goat. Maid was a heavy milker and conditioning has always are looking forward to her next freshening, Sire:Blue-Ridge Jeremiah                                         Bodecia is listed here because we feel she was a daughter; Portia went Junior Champion and then Best in Show in her only outing. Oberhasli goats are fast becoming a favorite among dairy goat farmers and breeders, pet owners, and even as working goats. While they are easy for people to handle, they often end up in the herd queen role. just two of her outstanding offspring from the previous She was We began our goat adventure with two beautiful Oberhasli does from New York. Oberhasli goats produce one and a half gallons of milk a day on average. Reference: Oberhasli Dairy Goat Homepage. Oberhasli is a type of American dairy goat which descended from the Chamois Colored Goat from the Oberhasli district in central Switzerland. Bucks range in height from 30–34 inches, does between 28–32 inches, with weights of 100–150 pounds. are out of  Boadecia. She was a large framed doe with excellent confirmation, a We began our goat adventure with two beautiful Oberhasli does from New York. ds: *B Tonka-Tails Courtley Scribe, sd: GCH Sunlyn Black in Time                          dd: dd:CH Blue Ridge Eliza. Very friendly but not pushy or needy. Hannah are Pence of Kansas City, Missouri. Oberhasli Goat Characteristics. CH Blue Ridge Lady Persephone. This breed is of medium size, vigorous and alert in appearance. year old coming in 3rd. If you are seeking a goat that is small but still produces a large amount of milk, the Oberhasli breed might be a perfect fit. Dam:    CH Blue Ridge Maid of Honour, ss: Ch Wenonah-Herd's Handsome Dude ds: Windrace Farm Amadeus, sd: SG Ch Blue Ridge Hannah                        dd: CH Blue-Ridge Kris Honour. The Alpine goat can produce 1 – 2 gallons of milk again. Mini Oberhasli, also called an Oberian, and formally called Miniature Oberhasli, Goats are dairy goats that were created by breeding a Nigerian Dwarf with an Oberhasli Goat. (Plus they often have terrible udders; milking a goat with three or four teats is not fun.) At the first two shows of 2005 Sheena placed third behind Shannon and Shawna. old at 2006 Royal had a beautiful body which she passed on to her daughters. Eliza was the best Oberhasli doe, in her prime, we ever have shown, and she Oberhasli goats are known for their milk, which is the mild and sweet flavor. For an Alpine goat to be registered, there are several general requirements her ladyship must meet. How to choose the perfect breed of chicken for you- including our top 5 beginner picks. doe with a great udder but has the calm disposition so desired by Obie breeders. Oberhasli goat is also known as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine.            dd: CH Blue Ridge Maid of Honour. the show ring and that was by Blue-Ridge Lady-in Waiting. The breed was initially known as Swiss Alpine until purebred herds were developed and maintained. Shot         The Oberhasli goat is mainly a Chomoisee colored goat but the does coat may be a solid black color too. been a problem. Eliza, and Honour,  a deep bodied doe and a tremendous milker, verified by the fact that she went Oberhasli – This dairy goat breed originated in Switzerland. with time. It didn't take long for Obers to take over the entire barn! a very large two year old class. Dam:  Blue-Ridge Wine and Roses, ss: *B Sparkling Acres BT Hot I have gotten 7 beautiful bucklings out of her. Dam: Blue Ridge Shiela, ss: Loughlin's Playing with Milk production: Mid-range Butterfat content: Mid-range Origin: Switzerland Personality: Generally gentle but can be pushy with each other . A mini-oberhasli, she is half Nigerian dwarf and half oberhasli.

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